Alice is a Malchai created by Kate when she killed a man on her Callum's team. She sides with Sloan, and like him vies to kill Kate.


Alice was created when Kate killed one of her dad's men trying to help her. Kate didn't believe that and got scared, shooting him when he tried to come near him. From that Alice was created. She rose up and went outside to find Sloan half-dead. Alice helped him, then sided with him in killing Kate.


Kate Harker

Alice hated Kate and wanted to kill her, eventually succeeding. Alice never gave up in trying to hurt Kate.


Alice and Sloan worked together as a team. Sloan often threatened Alice that he would kill her but never did. They never really got along, but Alice liked him. She continually disobeyed him angering Sloan often.


Alice dies fighting Kate. Kate drove an iron spike into Alice's heart just as Alice drives her fist into Kate's chest. Alice then disappears as all monsters do when they are dead.

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