Chimney smoke and damp stones.

An ordinary world where magic has been all but forgotten. A city full of old taverns and rotting ships and clever thieves. A mad king withers in a distant castle. The prince regent thrives in a glittering palace. And a magician goes searching for trouble.

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Grey London is one of the main location in A Darker Shade of Magic. It is one of the four Londons along with White, Red and Black London.

It is most notably a representation of our own world. Named Grey for it's lack of magic, it is home to Lila Bard, a thief with an appetite for adventure.


This London is most notably based on the real world location of Earth. The events of A Darker Shade of Magic are set in London, the capital of Great Britain in the year: 1819 [1]. The year is in the period of the Georgian era where the kings of Great Britain were all named George: George I, George II, George III and George IV.


Red London

Both Red London and Grey London share minimal correspondence to each other. However, the citizens of both Londons do not have extensive knowledge of each other. Although, the royal families of each London have a mutual respect for each other. For instance, Queen Emira sends brief letters to George III who verbally responds by telling Kell a message. Although, he sometimes attempt to write a message but is unable to.


Most individuals of Grey London do not have knowledge of multiple Londons, except for the royal family; as the legends of Red London, White London and Black London are passed down throughout the family. To the royal family, Grey London is just referred to as "London" while the other Londons are simply referred to as "others" or "neighbours".

In the fashion of how many refer to the destroyed London as Black London, Kell attributed each London a color based on how he regards them. This particular London is named Grey London because it is the only London that is magic-less.

In Color Psychology, the color grey is considered to be boring and drab. This is similar to how Kell notes how Grey London is magicless and how Lila points out that her London is dull, humorously calling it Dull London. On the other hand, Grey is also considered to be formal and elegant color. It is the color of being mature and sensible, however it is usually not a color that is in the centre of attention. [2]


Each individual London is noted to have a particular smell to each person. To Kell, Grey London smelt like smoke.


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