Holland is a character in A Darker Shade of Magic. Holland is the Antari of White London, serving under Athos and Astrid Dane until their inevitable deaths.


Holland is said to have charcoal black hair and very pale skin. His left eye holds the mark of an Antari while his right is a forest green. After trapping Osaron within the Inheritor and losing his magic, his hair becomes a stark white and his eyes become a normal green.


Holland is normally very calm and collected, revealing very little as to how he feels in certain situations.


Holland lived a difficult childhood, growing up in the slums of White London. At a young age, Holland learned to fight and become powerful. His brother Alox attempted to murder him when he was incredibly young. Holland then slaughtered his brother in an act of self-defense.



Ojka was a knight serving under Holland during his rule of White London. Ojka was shown to have great respect for Holland and vice-versa. Ojka is shown to have very strong feelings for Holland, although it is difficult to tell whether she respected Holland as a superior or had romantic attraction to Holland. While Holland is shown to care for Ojka greatly, especially after Osaron posses her corpse, it is unknown whether he harbors romantic feelings for her.

Delilah Bard

Delilah and Holland's relationships gets off to a rocky start after Holland murders Barron, the closest thing Delilah had to a family. Delilah swears revenge, making numerous attempts on taking Holland's life throughout the series. During A Conjuring of Light Holland saves Delilah's life after she is stabbed in the chest. After this event, Delilah begins to slowly trust Holland more and more and he eventually earns her respect.


Talya was a young woman who is known to have been in a romantic relationship with Holland. Holland was madly in love with Talya, the two attempting to build a life together in the slums of White London. Talya makes an attempt on Holland's life, leading to her death and a heartbroken Holland.

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