Kate Harker is a main character in the Monsters of Verity series. She is the daughter of a crime boss named Callum Harker. She is human but wishes to be a monster. [1]


When Kate was a kid she moved to Verity with Callum and Alice Harker. She wanted to go back to her home outside Verity and convinced her mom to take her. She was sabotaged by Sloan who killed her mother and damaged Kate's hearing. Years later when Kate was put in different boarding schools. She had to continually switch schools due to her disruptive behavior. She did that because she wanted to go back to Verity to rule the city mercilessly and cold with her father.


August Flynn

Kate and August originally got to know each other at school. Kate first knew him as Freddy Gallagher, only knowing him as August Flynn after she figured out he was a Sunai. She intended to bring him to her father but eventually decided against it after August saved her from a group of Corsai and Malchai sent by Sloan. They then flee the city becoming very close friends. August was very distraught after Kate died.

Callum Harker

Callum was Kate's father. They had a rocky relationship on the fact that Callum did not want Kate in Verity.He eventually took pride in her giving Kate a silver medallion. When Kate found out that Callum was working with Sloan she attempted to kill him. August stopped her saying that he wasn't worth it, and then reaped Callum's soul.


Sloan hated Kate. When Kate returned to Verity Sloan teased and scared her. He made it very clear he did not want her back in Verity, that she would be better dead. He mostly called her "Little Harker" saying she would always be little Katherine Harker to him, never amounting to her Callum.


Alice and Kate hated each other immensely. Alice continually tried to kill Kate eventually succeeding.

Alice Harker

Alice Harker was Kate's mother. She was close to Kate and died after Sloan crashed their car.


Kate was fighting Alice when she died. She used the power she got from the Chaos Eater to help her fight Alice. When the power evaporated Kate pretended to give up, momentarily surprising Alice. She used that moment to run across the room to grab one of her iron spikes. Alice then came over to Kate as she drove the spike into Alice. At the same time Alice drove her fist into Kate's chest.

Later when August went to go find Alice he found Kate laying on the floor, her hands covering the wound Alice gave her. Kate knew she was dying so she let August take her soul asking if the souls he took stayed with him. He responded "I don't know." Kate stated the she wishes that he could lie sometimes. Before August can say anything else Alice's wound kills Kate letting August take the last of her soul.

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