Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if they were prettier to look at.

–Rhy, A Darker Shade of Magic

Prince Rhy Maresh is the biological son of King Maxim and Queen Emira. He is celebrating his twentieth birthday in ADSOM. He is known to be something of a partier and a flirt. He also considers Kell to be his best friend.



He has curly black hair and amber eyes with tanned skin that Kell compares to polished wood. He is also said to look sturdy and strong.


A Darker Shade of Magic


Kell (adoptive brother)

Alucard Emery (lover)


Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if they were prettier to look at.

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  • Rhy is bisexual and Schwab also noted that Red London does have "echoes of traditional gender dynamics", but it is a world that cares about magical hierarchy more than heteronormativity. [1]
  • If Rhy was part of the Harry Potter universe, he would be sorted into Hufflepuff at Hogwarts. [2]


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